Reliability is most important when buying a machine. This translate to: (1) the lifespan of the machine; (2) the amount of maintenance required; (3) the accuracy of the machine; and (4) the consistency of its output.

It is always our objective to build machine with proven components and install it by well trained engineers. We also provide 12 months warranty for all our new machines. For testers, we will provide third party endorsement to verify the accuracy of our machine.

We have two teams of service personnel to attend to your after sales call. On top of that, our Technical Manager will personally attend to you if the teams are occupied.

We understand that your machines need to be up and running at all time. So it is also our priority to get it going!

Our Technical Manager has at least 15 years of designing experience. He had designed marine winches, rope tester, hydraulic presses and many other machines. He is trained in hydraulic system design and handles all controls issues on the machine.

Our Project Manager has at least 25 years of hands-on experience in project planning and co-ordination. He has assembled many winches, hydraulic-pac, testers, scissors lift, presses, and many other machines.


“HONOR” Gear Pump
A new series of aluminum gear pump offering good performance and reliability. Call now to enquire.

U-Press is an extreme product developed for the electronic sector. It features patented control sequence and extremely high accuracy in force, velocity and position control. Available from October 2005 onwards.

Specially developed for machine control, this software offers process control and data acquisition function using the same platform and high level programming language. Available from August 2005 onwards.